How to Find Custom Made Uniforms

Multicolored clothes pile

Parents all over Dubai almost always dread the incoming school year, not because the children won’t be at home a lot but because of the mountain of fees that they need to pay; school fees as well as what the children will need will force the parents to bring out their cash, cheque books and bank accounts. The most daunting expenses are those that involve the uniforms. The expense that the parents in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will incur depends on which school their children are attending; for an estimate, parents spend about Dh400 to Dh1,000 each year on uniforms alone. Read more great facts on UNIFORMS IN DUBAI, click here.

A lot of people think that ‘custom made’ anything sounds too expensive or impractical. You should really try out custom made uniforms, a lot of the times they are better in terms of quality and expense; it’s better to have a uniform customised to your build then wasting your though in hating a general in stock uniform. There’s nothing wrong with opting for customised uniforms, the only real customisation going on is with regards to the size and measurements, it will still be the school uniform. For more useful reference regarding BESPOKE UNIFORMS, have a peek here.

A lot of the schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi outsource uniforms; the school uniforms that they’ll outsource will arrive complete with the school logos. A few years back, a certain school made major changes in the children’s uniform package which raised the price to Dh1,000; the new school package will then include a bag and some shoes, which upset the parents. Since a lot of the parents were upset, the school management released a statement that said the price was right for the kind of quality and service that they’re bound to receive. Inevitably, the upset parents protested so the school was forced to offer a better and much more affordable deal for the package.

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development and Abu Dhabi Education Council or ADEC are the two organisations which schools need to ask approval from in order to sell uniforms within the campus; this is done basically to justify the need to raise prices. Although the neither of the mentioned authorities can interfere if the service for school uniforms or school packages are outsourced; this leaves parents with no other choice but to pay the specified amount.

ADEC recently introduced clothes for students belonging in every government school within the capital; these clothes are standardised. All the relevant authorities updated the design of the uniforms which the parents can easily view on their website, it also has information used when they parents get the clothes tailored. The logos on the uniforms were not randomly chosen, they were decided after a consultation from various principals. Please view this site for further details.

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